Portable Wireless Car Air Pump Digital Display


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About This Item:

  • Compact and Portable, Just the Right Size Only 130mm, smaller than a phone
  • TPMS Digital Display, Seeing is Believing LED digital displays to show tire pressure with one touch.
  • Smart Preset Tire Pressure, Automatic Stop when Top-up Precise inflation after presetting tire pressure, automatic stop when reaching the right pressure. Over-inflation and underinflation protection for a novICe.
  • Dual Mode Tire Pressure Setting for Flexible Adjustment Except for smart preset tire pressure, tire pressure can also be manually adjusted accordingly for safer driving.
  • Pure Copper Permanent Magnet Motors, Powerful and Stable The permanent magnet motor with pure copper winding has strong power and high efficiency and the all-metal pressurized cylinder can pro-vide enough power for inflation of car tires, plus heat-resistant PA66 GF33 piston rods to stabilize the body and avoid cylinder blast in high-speed Operation.
  • Multi-purpose and Well-prepared for Emergencies Complete accessories for various needs, easy to handle emergencies.
  • Powerful Energy Storage, Wireless Fast Inflation Two built-in high-capacity 18,650 lithium batteries for wireless use and fast inflation, no need to connect to a cigarette lighter.
  • Double-sided Heat Dissipation to Reduce Temperature Rise The inflator pump is equipped with a ring-shaped air outlet and a connecting rod on the motor drives the fan to dissipate internal heat quickly and keep the motor running.
  • One Equals to a Set All-in-one design to integrate various accessories into one body, easy to carry and anti-lost.
  • Built-in Lighting for Nighttime Use No need to use a light for inflation at night, easier and safer to use.

Brand: Baseus
Name: Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump
Inflator pump size:130×80.21x46mm
Inflatable tube size:26.5cm±0.5cm
Weight: 700g
Input voltage: DC 7.4V
Input: 5V/2A
Current: 6A Max
Power: 45W Max
Charging time: 3h±0.5h
Operating environment temperature:-10~60℃
Battery pack: 18650 x 2, 2000MAH each
Pressure gauge range: 5~150PSI
(display flashes when exceeding 150PSI; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor, support pressure up to 120PSI)

Packing list:
Portable wireless car air pump*1

New A7 Wireless Car Air Pump Portable Car Mini Tire Digital Display Small Air Pump Bicycle Pump

Weight 900.00 kg
Dimensions 220 × 140 × 100 cm

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