24 in 1 Multipurpose Ratchet Set


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About This Item

24in1 Ratchet Wrench Screwdriver :
Product size: 160*92.5*36mm
Color box size: 165*100*40mm
Product weight: 307g
Package Weight: 342g
Number of bits: 24pcs, 5 types of bits
Handle material: 6063 forged aluminum alloy (handle body) + 5030 alloy steel (gear, etc.)
Bit material: S2
Shell material: ABS+PP
Locking structure: The locking structure


1. Multi-function ratchet wrench screwdriver, free to change, adapt to more occasions. The cramped space, deep cavity structure, everything is handy.
2.24 S2 bits, with the continuous heat-treatment process. Hard but not brittle, full of toughness. 5 types of bits, to meet the needs of professional use, home life, work, DIY, maintenance.
3.6.2 degree ratchet with labor-saving design, 58-tooth forward and reverse ratchet structure, 80% labor-saving, and also comfortable in small spaces.
4. Super-hard hot-forged aluminum alloy, assisted by high-precision CNC integrated molding, normal steel strength, 1/2 lightweight, comfortable hand feeling, long-lasting, and not tired.
5. Industrial-grade bits, CNC turning and milling one-time forming, carburizing and tempering heat treatment, industrial-grade service life.
6. Easy-to-identify color ring design of the batch head, the color ring design, the batch head is clear and clear.


Package details:
1PC Multi-function ratchet wrench screwdriver
24PCS S2Bits:6.35*25mm


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